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Founded in Beijing by Dr. Yuan Ye, Yuan Ye Architects is a research-based architectural studio with a broad international perspective. Adhering to the concept of "Design Changes Society", the studio relies on and cooperates with the world's largest investment and construction group - China Construction, closely integrates academic research, architectural creation and engineering practice, and carries out innovative design practices for cities, buildings, landscapes and indoor environments in an all-round way through simple and concise modern design language and meaningful spatial forms. Through a simple and concise modern design language and meaningful spatial forms, the studio carries out a comprehensive and innovative design practice for cities, buildings, landscapes and indoor environments, and continuously seeks for creative answers to contemporary problems in response to historical, cultural and contemporary characteristics.

The studio specializes in the fields of cultural and educational architectural design, urban design, landscape design, rural planning and vernacular architectural renovation design, etc. Its works have been awarded the 2021 Architizer A+Firm Awards, selected as the best global design organization of the year (public buildings), the first prize of the 2020 rtF Awards, and the 2019 U.S. Architizer A+Awards jury. Architizer A+Awards Judges Award, 2019 Germany ICONIC Awards Iconic Design Award, 2017 Asian Institute of Architects Bonus Award, 2013 China Architecture Design Bonus Award, 2014 WA China Architecture Award-Architectural Achievement Award and a series of other important design awards, by the world's most influential architecture media ArchDaily as well as DesignBoom, Archilovers, Architecture Asia, China-The New Creative Power in Architecture (BRAUN), Gooood, AT, UED, a+a, CHINA 1000, LA, CLA and other academic journals and professional media, and its representative works have been praised as masterpieces with "long-lasting spatial value and profound social influence".

The studio advocates "research-based design" and an equal and open "discussion-based" working method, highly respecting the spirit of originality and utilizing the wisdom and creativity of each individual. Yuan Ye Architects is looking forward to working with young architects and designers with architectural ideals to transform our world with the power of design.

Anything we do is born out of the belief that good design is at the heart of civilization, the perfect union of nature and the human soul. Based on this belief, we apply the following three principles to each project to ensure that our work is beautiful, innovative, and maintains long-lasting spatial value and profound social impact.

1.   Towards rustic architecture

Our designs are simple and rustic, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for ethics and even an obsession with truth. From the "cutting" of our earliest works "Tangshan Earthquake Site Memorial Park", the "400-meter-long minimalist memorial wall" to the "seal" of "Tangshan City Library", and the huge inverted trapezoidal metal hollow volume of the Bozhou Gymnasium, which was completed recently, we have implemented the principles of simplicity and simplicity to the extreme. In the renovation of "Jiang village", we did not even "invent" any form, but borrowed and quoted the form of traditional houses, so that history and life itself shine. Simplicity has a profound power, and simplicity gives the buildings we design an honest quality that leads to true "beauty".

2. The form of meaning

Based on our understanding of the Oriental view of nature and our familiarity with modern and contemporary art, we introduce abstract nature into architecture and give it a humanistic interpretation and expression. For example, the "water, forest, sand and stone" landscape in the Tangshan Earthquake Site Memorial Park, such as the "ink pool" landscape of the Tangshan City Library, metaphorically allude to the traditional Chinese literati washing off the ink from the brush in the pond in front of the study, and the huge "book mountain" staircase intuitively expresses the climbing of the mountain of knowledge. The Bozhou Gymnasium originated from the abstraction of the architecture and utensils of the Han Dynasty, as well as the refinement of the patterns of samurai armor. Culture is not a superficial "decoration" in our design, but the core, through the humanistic expression of abstract nature, so that the architecture we design has a "meaningful form".

3. Buildings for "ordinary people".

"Architecture for ordinary people" is our social ideal, and it is also our high recognition and inheritance of the social ideal upheld by the masters of modernism. The Tangshan Earthquake Memorial Park is a memorial to the 24, victims of the earthquake, giving hope to the living and prompting people to reflect deeply on natural disasters. The Tangshan Library is the "big study room of the city", which stimulates the interest of ordinary citizens in reading and reunites the already alienated society into an intimate community. The Bozhou Gymnasium creates an all-weather open "urban living room" through a transparent "boundary", returning the right of space to the people. The renovation of "Jiang village" excavated the value of traditional houses and brought enough income to the local poor farmers to get rich, bridging the gap between the city and the countryside, and bringing new hope to the development of rural society.

We have taken the above three principles as the cornerstone of our existence and will continue to implement them in future design practices to realize our architectural dreams and the social value of the architect's profession.

Yuan Ye

Founder/Principal Architect

Yuan Ye is a famous contemporary Chinese architect, the founder and chief architect of Yuan Ye Architecture Studio.

Yuan Ye received his Ph.D. from the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, a visiting scholar at the School of Design of the University of Pennsylvania, a design tutor at the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, and a national first-class registered architect. He has won many international and domestic awards, including the 2021 Architizer A+Firm Awards, the 2020 rtF Awards, the 2019 Architizer A+Awards Jury Award, the 2019 German ICONIC Awards for Innovative Design, the 2017 ARCASIA Awards for Architecture Gold Award, 2016 China Architectural Outstanding Engineering Survey and Design Award - First Prize, 2014 Architectural Society of China Young Architect Award (the highest honor award for Chinese young architects), 2014 WA China Architecture Award - Architectural Achievement Award, 2013 China Architectural Design Gold Award, etc.

Recruitment Positions

Project Architect

Number: 1-2

1. 3 years and above experience in public building design;

2. passionate about architectural design, good at program creation and program deepening, familiar with the principles and norms of public building design.

3. with certain construction drawing design experience and engineering cooperation and field experience is preferred; 4. with good language expression, good communication skills.

4. have good language expression and program reporting ability.

Assistant Architect

Number: 2-3

1. 1 year or more experience in public building design, or outstanding fresh undergraduate/graduate graduates;

2. passionate about architectural design, proficient in all kinds of design drawing software;

3. good at 3D design and parametric design software is preferred;

4. can accept short-term travel and on-site supervision.


Number: 2-3, long-term effective

1. Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in architecture, landscape architecture, environmental arts, product design, etc;

2. Skilled in design and drawing software, with strong hand modeling ability;

3. continuous internship period of not less than three months, internship salary undergraduates 2000 yuan / month, graduate students 3000 yuan / month.

Media and Research Assistant

Number: 1

1. a professional background in architecture, design, writing and media, with good aesthetic and communication and coordination skills;

2. excellent media awareness and brand planning experience;

3. able to assist the host architect to conduct academic research and results collation, docking academic resources and organize lectures, exhibitions and other activities.

How to apply

1. Applicants should send their CVs and portfolios (PDF format, less than 10M), as well as information about the position applied for, to the studio's recruitment e-mail address: job@yuanye-architects.com

2. Internship applications should include the start and end dates of the internship in the body of the email.

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